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Choosing the best dragon ball figures for a special gift is complicated because of its charming character. The list below helps you not only to get more reference but also to give you a recommended dragon ball figure to buy.Super Saiyan GokuGoku is a must have dragon ball figure. He is the main character in Dragon Ball movie and probably most kids want to be strong and brave just like him. You may buy the Super Saiyan Goku figure because this is the time when he is turning into a stronger character. There is also a glow in the dark version and it will be more interesting when your children put on their room at night. It seems that Super Saiyan Goku is protecting them while sleeping.Majin BuuOne of funny dragon ball figures is Majin Buu. This character is easy to memorize due to its unique physical appearance. Majin Buu looks funny with pink skin, round eyes, and fat body. The smiley face is perfect for a special gift. Despite of his funny face and character, Majin Buu is also a strong character in Dragon Ball movie.FriezaIf your children or friends love to collect unique characters from Dragon Ball, Frieza figure is the next option. Just like Majin Buu, Frieza is also a charming character due to its white and purple physical appearance. He has bulk muscles, round black eyes, and walk like a human. The most eye catching appearance is on its nail and his feet fingers which makes this character looks like a lizard. Definitely, it is a collectible Dragon Ball figure.KrillinYou might collect the hero characters in Dragon Ball and you must buy Krillin figure. Krillin is one of Goku’s best friends. They are also learning martial art in the same master. Krillin looks like a shaolin temple kid with bald hair and 6 black spots on his forehead. Krillin is the representation of normal character in Dragon Ball in which he doesn’t any strange power or magic. He only masters martial art.Perfect CellOne more strange but outstanding character in Dragon Ball is Perfect Cell. His appearance is look like a monster with dark green, yellow, and black skin. His face looks like Frieza with dark round eyes, white skin along with purple stripes. Perfect Cell seems to have armor on his body. In short, Perfect Cell is a great character in Dragon Ball and becoming one of popular dragon ball action figures.

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